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About Us
WE TO ACHIEVE companies with achieving the most complex communication goals. We specialize in bringing new companies into the public field, media relations, organizing events, launching of new projects and products, anti-crisis PR.
We prioritize loyalty to our clients and focus on high, long-term results. All of our clients promptly achieve top-levels of recognition and citation.
We understand that PR has to be both loud and smart.
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Our services
By partnering with us, you gain access to a wide range of PR possibilities, such as:
Communicational analysis
Development and realization of PR strategies
Product PR
Integrated communication
Informational re-vamp
Anti-crisis communications
Working with reputation
Working with new media
What makes working with us both lucrative and effective?
  • We value our client’s time and work to achieve results
  • We work as
  • We strictly follow the “full immersion” principle. For each of our projects, we form a separate team that fully commits to its tasks and processes 24/7.
  • Our employees are dedicated specialists with vast experience in marketing, PR, journalism, event organization, SMM, SERM, anti-crisis communications.
Within a week, you will receive your first mentions in the federal mass media.
Within a month, you will see a sharp increase of your company’s presence in the info field.
What’s our process? It’s simple!
We define the communicational goals and needs of the business
We offer strategies for their accomplishment
We determine a tactical plan and carry it out
We achieve high results
We set new goals
Alla Aksenova
An expert in the field of PR and crisis communications. She has been working in PR since 2006.
Her specialties include arranging and launching brands, working with companies as a PR partner, bringing new stars into the info field, anti-crisis communications and work on effective instruments of attracting attention to the brand.
  • She has had 8 years of work experience in federal journalism, received a journalism degree and graduated from the HSE University with a marketing degree.
  • She has worked as the director of strategic communications in the country’s (или Russia’s) biggest developer companies.
  • Starting from 2019, she has been successfully managing her own communications agency and assisting clients in solving the most difficult tasks.